New Garage Doors

Door Is Not Repairable

We will always try repairing your existing door, but sometimes the damage is just too severe. Many times a door will have torn panels that cause the door to buckle or collapse. Usually once the tear(s) have made it through the inside lip of the panel(s) and are visible on the front side of the door, it is time to replace the door. There are times where a panel replacement is possible, but this would need to be assessed by our highly qualified door technicians. Often times panel replacement is not possible due to the fact that certain garage door manufacturers have gone out of business and the doors or panels are no longer available. If in fact you do need a new garage door, our technicians can discuss the best door for you and your home. A new garage door is a big investment and you want to make the right choice to guarantee happiness for years to come. To make sure the door is functioning properly, we install all new parts when we install new doors. Many companies will leave the old track and just install the new door. We feel all parts including the track should be replaced. This way we know the door was installed correctly and professionally from top to bottom. WE ONLY USE HEAVY HARDWARE ON OUR DOORS! We always install two springs on two car garages, unless they are heavy wood doors that require four springs. By installing two springs, as opposed to one large spring like many of our competitors, we increase the lifespan of the springs and hardware. When we replace garage door(s), we always haul away the old door(s) and hardware free of charge. We install the best quality doors with the best quality parts. Let us help you decide on the bets garage door for your home.

Types Of New Garage Doors

Steel Doors

Steel doors are lighter weight, durable, and require minimal maintenance. There are different gauges of steel to choose from with options such as insulation, windows, and steel back doors. Depending on the look and style, there are short panels, long panels, flush panels, and bead panels. Call us today to discuss a new steel door for your home.

Carriage House Style Steel Doors With Wood Accents

They are made of the finest materials and wood and have professional hardware. These are 2″ steel backed, insulated doors with composite wood accents. These doors are custom made to order with custom designs to meet your specific needs. These doors have the authentic look of true carriage house doors and the attention to detail that make them truly custom doors.

Carriage House Style Wood Doors

These doors are truly wood doors, handcrafted to your specifications. They are made from the finest materials and woods and have professional hardware. These are true custom doors that take garage doors to another level of excellence, adding character and curb appeal to your home. The look of doors from a century ago, with the latest technology, creates the best of both worlds.