Garage Door Repairs

Broken Springs

Broken springs are the most common repair on a garage door. If your door won’t budge, even if you pull the release and try to lift the door manually, odds are you have a broken spring. Do not try to open or close the door, as you will only cause further damage. You never want to attempt to work on springs yourself, always call a professional. The extreme tension on the spring is what makes your door feel light when the door is properly balanced and the springs are doing their jobs. Most people don’t realize just how heavy the door is until a spring breaks. Over time, due to constant use, springs get brittle and eventually wear out. You should always replace both springs being that they wear out at the same rate, so if one breaks, chances are the other is not too far behind. By only replacing one spring, you are putting more tension on the new spring causing it to wear faster than normal. Quality Garage Doors arrives with every size of springs needed for any type of door.

Broken Cables

Cables are attached to the bottom of the door on each side and are part of the torsion system. They not only play a part in lifting the door, but because they are under tension, they keep the door level. Often times when a cable breaks, you will have a door off track. This is a door sitting sideways in the door opening. Damage can vary depending on where the door was when the cable broke. We use heavy hardware cables to increase the lifetime of the cable. Our technicians are ready to help if you ever have a cable break.

A Door Off The Track

A door off track can be caused due to many different reasons. A broken spring, faulty spring, broken cables, cables came off of the drum, the door was binding on jambs, the door hit something, or something hit the door such as a car. Depending on if the door is fully opened, midway open or sitting tilted on the ground will determine the amount of work to repair, we are well equipped to determine the damages, as well as asses the cause of the damages. If your door has fallen off of the tracks, give us a call today and we will repair the problem.

Miscellaneous Repairs

Other repairs can range from bad rollers, hinges, bearings, drums, torsion tubes, bottom brackets, top brackets, additional struts, damaged tracks, and weatherstripping. Whatever the needed repair is, we are here to get your door back in peak running order. If your door is not repairable, we can discuss the various options that are available.

Lube and Tune

We also include a free lube and tune with every repair, which includes both the door and opener. This is a service we would normally charge $129.00 as an a la carte service.